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With deep roots in the Kansas City area, Fletcher Law Office seeks to provide premier legal representation to members of the KC community. Through the use of a carefully crafted legal strategy, each case is equipped with the tools necessary to navigate the legal process and position our clients for the best possible result. Our skilled and experienced staff provide step by step support for clients throughout the entirety of their legal matter.

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Areas of Practice

Product Liability

Manufacturers of consumer products must adhere to regulated protocol in the process of producing goods for public use. When a manufacturer forgoes proper care in trade for the potential for increased profits, often this results in tragic injury through no fault of the consumer. Our office specializes in confronting these manufacturers with the financial ramifications of their negligence.

Car Wreck Injury

Car wrecks happen daily and often times result in severe injury to those involved. Our office has handled hundreds of legal claims made by individuals that have been injured due to the negligence of another driver.

Premises LIability

Businesses must take measures necessary to ensure that the general public will be safe while on their premises. When an injury results due the negligence of a business to keep the area safe, the injured individual may have a claim against the business for their failure to prevent that injury.



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